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Use Breo with Aquaqu.
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for easy skincare at home.

Beauty Ingredients catered to the skin’s condition,
Completed testing for 48 hour moisture retention, Improves hydration and cools down skin
Relax Relaxing color therapy according to the Swiss color psychology method,
Made of high-end special fabric
Safety Completed clinical tests for skin safety,
Completed test for non-irritability for 24 hour use, Free of 6 harmful ingredients
(no benzophenone, no triclo acid, no sorbic acid,
no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no avobenzone)

Mask patented for easing the eyes’ fatigue EYE RELAX PACK

Use the mask in lieu of eye cream to improve hydration and dispel fatigue.

48 hour moisture retention Patented for easing the eyes’ fatigue Color therapy

Aquaqu foot stress zero pack STRESS ZERO PACK

Relieves tired feet with taurine, red ginseng extract and other fatigue relieving

Stress zero complex Fresh herbal ingredients Free of harmful ingredients